A-Z Reflections of a Survivor

Survivor Badass

Made it through another April and another A-Z Challenge. This is my 3rd year (and 3rd year of successful completion!).

I found having a theme made it easier to write the posts, actually. This was NOT what I was expecting at all. And, also in the NOT what I was expecting department is this: I think I have decided to actually put off retirement for a bit longer than I was thinking at the beginning of the challenge.

I was so sure, that by working through all my little trepidations, by April 30 I would have convinced myself to pull the plug at 60, if not sooner. I also was thinking of moving, once retired, to my lakeside dream abode.

Instead I am (surprise!) undertaking yet another renovation project at Chez Badass – once again investing in my current space and making the people at the bank love me even more than they already do.

This time the foyer (shared space between my tenant and myself) is getting an overhaul, as well as the bathroom on the stair landing, just outside the apartment proper (as a second, guest bathroom). I’m also fixing up the former janitor’s closet off of the foyer, to be a kitchenette for my tenants’ use, and making a bunch of other little improvements too. The ceiling in this closet has to be removed in order to get at the plumbing for the landing bathroom so it seemed the perfect time to do the other improvements to this space as well.

I have to thank my sponsor (Full Time Employment) for making this renovation project happen. ๐Ÿ˜‰

With regards to the lakeside dream home, it could still be a thing. However, I am not as enamoured of the idea as I have been for the past 6 months.

Let’s face it – I have it pretty sweet right here. The library, recreation/seniors centre and many shops that I patronize are all within easy walking distance (5-10 minutes for most). Also within walking distance are the river and some beautiful trails. My building is commercial as well as residential, so I have year-round property maintenance set up. This means I don’t have to cut grass or shovel snow – ย just pay others to do it for me (and claim as a legit business expense). And because of the zoning of the property, I can park my future Airstream (drool) or what-have-you trailer right in my driveway, year-round. Some years ago, I checked the bylaws and this was confirmed by the city staff. Public transit is available practically right outside my doorstep. I still get mail delivered right to my door. And I can pick up the City’s free downtown wifi in my office if I had want to.

Pretty much a retiree’s dream set-up, doncha think?

I’m still going to be checking out waterfront real estate options as I ramble around the province, and I’ll be loving the idea of moving to each place under consideration for at least 15 minutes. I may change my mind (yet again) but if I do move, there’s a lot of boxes that need to be checked off first.

I figure now that I can probably get my lake fix via camping, renting a cottage and/or crashing with visiting ย Me Too for bit every summer.

Going through this exercise and theme has made me appreciate what I do have even more.

Rock on,

The WB


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  • Ahhh – the power of taking your thoughts and organizing them on paper. It’s amazing how it can clarify the decision making process!!
    From this post, it sounds like you have renewed energy and purpose. That’s never a bad thing ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck with your renovations!

  • Food for thought – we live in Tulsa OK and plan on selling our home in 2 years. At that time we are going to rent an apartment downtown within 20 minutes of husband’s work but also look at buying land about 3.5 hours away that is in a resort town. We are going to set it up so it can be leased when we are not using it, which for us would be in the off season (Nov-April).

    If you are a sociable person I came across this set up in another resort town: a tiny home which is the caretaker’s house and then parking lots for campers (marketing it to the Glamper crowd) so no house maintenance. Again, once the job is gone or if you can work anywhere you can be mobile and rent out what you aren’t using ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Not for everyone but I am really thinking of it because Tulsa has all the amenities such as doctors, dentists, big city life etc… but Eureka Springs has all the pretty small (liberal) town Victorian homes in the mountains I adore. Because hubby’s work is going to let him work remotely we are looking to make it a reality pretty soon!

    • Hey Becky, nice to hear from you!
      I’ve thought of something similar as well – great minds think alike – that I would be open to looking at a lakeside property with a year-round home and also cabins to rent for vacationers. I didn’t think of a trailer park but that is a great idea as well. I’m already a landlord so it wouldn’t be as big a leap for me as for some people.
      Please keep me posted! I would love to hear about your new adventure!!

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