Garden Badassery

Once upon a time, a princess lived in a regular home with a garden that she loved to tend to. Unfortunately, she married a crazy wizard who cast a love spell on her which ate up all of her free time. The princess never had time to look after her garden anymore. The garden became just as crazy as the wizard, from missing her touch and shadow. Instead of bringing her joy, the garden made the princess sad and more than a little mad as it reminded the princess of all that she had lost.

Then the wizard sickened and died and the spell was broken, at long last. The princess widow moved from her little place (now a place of sadness) and claimed the wizard’s castle as her home. She spent the next couple of years ridding the castle of the effects of the wizard’s long, crazy rule and became transformed into a badass princess widow as a result.

The princess widow still had no time to devote to a garden even though she was now free to do so. She hadn’t forgotten her love of growing things and vowed one day to create a little garden in her castle aerie, overlooking the village.

And in the spring of 2017, the badass princess widow finally could make this dream come true.

The beginnings of the Badass Rooftop Garden
Copper tag proclaiming that here grows the world’s most expensive pole beans ($3.95 for seeds; $200+ for containers, soil, stakes etc.) 😉
Cherry tomatoes, basil and rosemary
Mint and Lemon Balm, for future fresh leaf teas
Pole Bean Buddha

And she went back to growing things happily ever after.

Rock on,

The WB

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  • I’m very sorry for you loss but am happy that you are now growing things happily-ever-after. I love the rooftop gardening. I have a lower apt. and am attempting container gardening. We had a crazy winter that seemed to never end so hopefully now with steady temps I can get at it. Wonderful post. Have an amazing day!

    • Thank you Mimi. You have an amazing day as well!

  • There’s something so satisfying from watching a garden grow that you’ve put the effort into creating. I hope the princess has much better luck with her gardening than I have with mine 😉

    btw – great idea with the pole beans.

    • Thanks Joanne. I had to think about how to make my poles as stable as possible as there is nothing to break the wind on my roof. I hope this does the trick!

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