It’s Race Day but Not for Me (plus other updates)

Back in February I committed to another half-marathon race. I started training for the Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon (again). Things started out well but I began to struggle as temperatures rose and distances increased. I made the decision early in May that I would not participate, as I couldn’t meet the minimum pace required to finish the course in time.

This was a tough decision to make and initially I felt defeated and like a failure. I have successfully trained for and completed 5 half-marathons and I have never had this problem before.

I had no idea why I wasn’t improving despite adhering to my tried and true schedule of training walks. I wondered if maybe I was developing exercise intolerance due to the daily medication I now have to take (thanks TIAs!) or if work was kicking my ass even more than I suspected. What the hell has changed?

I made an appointment to see my doc for a physical and blood tests were ordered. My clever doc ordered a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test to be done along with the “usual suspects” of blood counts, lipid profiles, blood sugar etc. I downloaded my results on Friday and noticed the TSH levels were reported as abnormally high, meaning my thyroid gland may be under-performing. Hmmmm….this explains a lot of symptoms I am experiencing, not just my poor performance on my walks.

I am making an appointment to discuss this with my doc first thing Monday, to see what the next steps are. I do feel a bit better now about my inability to meet the pace requirements for today’s race. I know I made the right call to pull out, even though a part of me wishes I was on the course with all the other runners and walkers right now.

Anyhow, it does seem that indeed something has changed and I will get that investigated further and addressed. Stay tuned!

In other Badass news, I have experienced a setback with my rooftop garden as well. Thanks, Mother Nature.

Remember this idyllic scene?
Immediately after a microburst of high winds and rain.
Rebuilt. Badass Rooftop Garden v. 2.0

Looks like this gardening adventure is going to be a “fall down 7 times; get up 8” type scenario. Still up for the challenge!

In Kayaking news, I took my newest acquisition out for its maiden voyage. (I’m stopping now with kayak purchases, I promise!).

Meet Smokey Robinson! Joining Pink Floyd and the Rev. Al Green in my kayak fleet.
Life is sweet on the river.

When the weather is bad, I play around with my art supplies. I put together a new storage cabinet yesterday for my ever-expanding collection of pencils, crayons, markers, inks and paints.

Bringing order to – and hiding – chaos. Thank you IKEA.

Here’s a sneak peek at a work in progress.

Acrylic Flower of Life design inspired by “dotillism” artist Elspeth McLean.

Rock on,

The WB








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  • Funny – I was thinking about you on race day and wondering how your day went. Sorry to hear you had to withdraw, but good that you were insightful enough to realize that something wasn’t right. Hope your issues are resolved soon.

    I’ve joined a Senior’s group that has a very active canoeing/kayaking schedule and I’m considering taking up kayaking. I’ve never done it before … what should I be looking for in a kayak?

  • Thanks Joanne. I see the doc this week and I suspect the next step is more testing.
    What I look for in a kayak is primarily durability and weight – I have to drag this thing around by myself, so I value something that can handle being dropped or dragged, and is as light as possible. Recreational or beginner grade is good enough for me!
    Initially I was afraid of a sit-in kayak as I feared it would turn upside down and trap me inside however now that I have been kayaking for a couple of years (albeit only in calm conditions), I find a kayak to be way less tippy and easier to pilot than a canoe. Plus I don’t use a skirt to snap me in, and as you can see on Smokey, there is a large enough opening to easily get in and out of him no matter which side is up! 😉
    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Smokey has a space for a water bottle AND a cell phone! I like these features.

  • Thanks – I hadn’t considered things like pockets for bottles and cell phone. That would be a necessity!!

    • Do you have a Costco membership? That’s where I got my last 2 kayaks. Jeez! That sounds bad, even to me as I am typing it. I PROMISE not to buy any more. I am set for life. Now about a stand up paddle board though…all bets are OFF!

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