My Decorating Style can be Described as Pornographic, Apparently

How’s that for a click-baity title, huh?

I have a day-bed in my home office. It makes a handy space for naps or reading or for when I have a houseful of stay-overnight guests.

I found some cute throw pillows at Homesense one day. I loved the designs and the colours so much they came right home with me. Behold:

Colourful, comfortable, and inviting, no?

Mizz J was studying on the day bed one day last week. Oh boy, was she studyingthe pillows.

Mizz J: Mom, did you look at these pillows before you bought them?

Me: Of course! You know how much I love colour and mandala designs!

Mizz J: Did you look closely at them?

Me: Why?

Mizz J: Take a closer look.

Me: OK.




Closeup of Pillow

Me: OK, yeah. I ‘m looking but what am I supposed to be looking at?

Mizz J: Look closer. Much closer.

Mizz J points to a part of the design.




Once seen, never to be unseen.

Me: Huh? What the…!!! OH MY!!!

Cut to Mizz J killing herself laughing at her ol’ mom’s realization of the not-so-hidden design on her pillows.

Hope this post made you laugh as much as I did when I discovered my pillow…er…porn.

Rock on,

The WB

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  • Funny! My sister has a stained glass window in her kitchen that all the boys see the same thing as your pillows. Ha!

    • Haha! They’re EVERYWHERE!Thanks for the comment Christie!

  • Yep. My sister suggested I check all of my mandalas for hidden symbols. I countered that perhaps I should insert something like this in all my artwork but then I realized that could be a seen as a dick move. 😉

    • Whut? You mean they’re not everywhere?! 😉

    • Of course, Peta! Now they are even more FUN than they were before.

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