What I did when Summer finally came to Ontario – September

This is going to be a two-parter, because Summer finally came to town in September and hung on through almost all of October.

Afternoon at Little Tract September 13. Blazing hot out.
Visiting Alton Mills Arts Centre September 16. Lovely spot and worth the drive!
Beaching it at Bayfield September 17. I even swam, twice – to get some relief from the heat!
Hiking with Mizz J September 23. Another scorcher of a day.
Watching the dancing at Jane Austen’s Country Ball (hosted by the Fashion History Museum) September 23. I felt a little sorry for all the revelers in their hot costumes. Obviously no one thought it would be so hot and humid so late in the season when the event was planned. It did not stop the festivities though!
Hiking at Rattlesnake Point September 30. Hasn’t cooled down yet!

I did try to make the most of the great weather while it lasted, and when I wasn’t working.

Tomorrow I will do a photo recap of the glory that was October.

Rock on,

The WB





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  • From your photos, you definitely took advantage of the great weather we had this past September.
    It’s set the bar high for future years now!!

    • Joanne, I just don’t know how September and October can be topped, in years to come. With respect to the weather, that is. Warm, dry and sunny. What more could one ask for, from fall weather?

  • Those pictures are beautiful! I would love to visit Ontario sometime (it’s definitely on my bucket list). I never understood the joys of summer until I moved to Ohio where winter actually exists. I can only imagine you are happy once warmer weather finally shows its face.

    • Thanks Aimie! I actually love all of our seasons just some outlast their welcome…looking at you Winter!

  • It was really nice, warm weather this October in Ontario. It has finally gotten chillier and feeling more like a normal November. Lovely photos!

  • […] September and October were pretty quiet for me on the artistic endeavours front, because those months were so freaking awesome, weather-wise…but now that we are here in damp, grey November I have returned to my laundry room/studio to do more than laundry! […]

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