The Arcade Fire Show

Last night Mizz J and I attended yet another rock show together (yay!!!). Arcade Fire (with opening act, Broken Social Scene), at the Air Canada Centre on what we found out was the very last night of their tour!

I had been under the weather earlier this week but I knew I’d have to be pronounced dead before I’d miss this show.

It turned out to be one of those concerts that you felt was more like a giant house party or a show at an intimate club rather than an event at a major venue.

I didn’t know the opening (local to Toronto) act, but I did enjoy them and they appear to have a very strong following.

The stage was set in the middle of the arena and the members of Arcade Fire moved around the entire set playing to every last corner (and ventured into the crowd on a couple of occasions) so that everyone felt intimately connected with the experience they were creating.

Turn your lights on, we were told. And we did.

To begin, the band walked through the floor crowd (after being introduced like fighters) and climbed through the ropes set up to resemble a boxing ring, to start their set.

For most of this show, there were 2 free seats to the left of Mizz J and we utilized the extra space for DANCING! The owners of those seats showed up partway through Arcade Fire, stayed for about 30 minutes, then left again well before the set ended. These seats weren’t cheap. Who does this?

And, after a blistering finale they paraded off through the crowd again led by a sax player, like a New Orleans jazz funeral. We sang them off. Magical.

Highly recommended to see this band, if you get a chance.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts but never one like Arcade Fire. Everyone who purchased a ticket to the show was sent a copy of the latest CD, Everything Now. I’ve been enjoying this disc immensely since receiving it in early August.

Today I’m feeling the after-effects of this event coming so soon on the heels of being ill. I see a couple of naps in my immediate future.

But first I have to add some bands to my journal’s list of artists I have seen live…hehehe.

Rock on,

The WB






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  • I’ve never heard of them. I’ll have to find them on youtube. Also, I can’t imagine playing a stage in the square like that. How cool!

    • They won the Album of the Year
      Grammy in 2011, spawning the tweet #whothehellisarcadefire. You are not alone, my dear Reticula. They get a lot of airplay on Canadian alternative music stations. Do you have alternative music stations in the US?

  • I’m a fan. I like their music a lot … but unlike you, I’ve never been a fan of attending concerts. The only thing that makes this one sound attractive is that you said you were dancing 😀

  • I’m not too familiar with them, but have friends who are, and I like the few things I’ve heard. Those are some really great photos; nothing beats a good rock show!

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