Misery DOES Love Company

Looks something like this, I’m sure

I am backlogged at work. And I seem to have a new project or problem to solve opportunity dumped on me every day lately. I love challenge and solving problems investigating opportunities but even I have my limits.

And I hate the feeling of being reactive instead of proactive; of not being able to meet deadlines; of being so busy that items fall off of my radar at work. Of racing the clock to be ready in time for a meeting or a conference call. This is what I am feeling right now. I hope it passes soon.

My boss called me yesterday to book a meeting to get started on my performance contract for this fiscal year, which we are already over a month into. Ideally, this should have been all wrapped up well before now. I have not had a chance to even start drafting this document. So I apologized to him and made a rueful remark about barely treading water at the moment.

He said – Well, if it makes you feel any better, I feel the same way. In fact all of us over here*Ā feel the same way.

I said – Strangely enough, I actually DO feel better hearing this!

Then we both laughed and made a date to meet on Thursday to start hammering away at the details.

Rock on,

The WB

*meaning the rest of the Leadership Team at the Head Office (which is a different location from where I work)






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Joanne Sisco

Strange, but true, we do feel better when we know that others empathize with our issues.
One of our favourite expressions at work was ‘hope you see a light at the end of the tunnel soon … and it’s not an oncoming train” šŸ™‚

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