If Thine Widget Offends Thee, Pluck It Out*

As (insert deity of your choice) is my witness, I will figure this blog thing out!

*From the scriptures of the little known Clueless Blogger’s Bible….that I just might write someday.

So, thanks to a comment from Joanne, the WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH commenting problem related to ye olde blogge might be because of an email subscription widget that I have been using since FOREVAH.

So I have ditched it and instead activated the subscription feature that is inside of Jetpack. I have also enabled a “follow” option for commenters.  I am having difficulty testing it out because my blog already knows (and hopefully loves) me. Although I did test out commenting from outside the blog and it worked – several times! Hoorah!!!!

But because ye olde blogge knows who I am, it is not offering me the “follow blog” or “follow comments” options so I am not sure if they are even there or working.

If someone wouldn’t mind trying to comment and letting me know if they see these options or not, this clueless blogger would be most appreciative.

Rock on,

The WB





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  • I came to your blog from the email. Couldn’t post the comment, although I didn’t really get the white screen of death. My comment just disappeared.

    • Even though I deactivated the Feedburner subscription widget, I also still got an email from them last night alerting me of my new post. I unsubscribed to it. Then I tried to subscribe through the new subscription window on the right side of my blog. I got a welcome email from Admin (which is me, all fancy-like, I guess). When I tried to confirm, I got an error message – not sure why.

      I tried subscribing with my work email, and the widowbadass one. Same message with all of them. So I’ve deleted the subscription box as this is clearly not working.

      I’d like it if you could try commenting directly from the blog and see if you get the “follow blog” message and see if you can subscribe from there. I can’t do it. The blog recognizes me and won’t show me that option.

  • I can’t comment on the *follow* button. I don’t see one, but that might be because I”m already following.

    I did notice that your comment box has now changed and it is recognizing me (yay!), but it does appear that my comments seem to just disappear after posting, however, after a while, they pop up so there might be just a delay.

  • Nope – I was wrong. I still had to go back into your home page first, re-open the post from your home page, and then post my comment,

    • Omigawd, this is crazy-making. Did you come to the blog from the email? Can you try unsubscribing from the Feedburner service (thru link in email) and see what happens then when you try to comment, please Joanne?

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