(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Woke up this morning to this lovely scene:

Outside my home office window, the Christmas lights are looking fine! Pardon the blurriness – taken through the window. I took shots outside (in my nightie, brrrr) but I liked this one the best.

Monday afternoon and evening was filled with excitement here in the Village. Not the good kind either. An abandoned foundry had caught fire. I could see the smoke from the window of my office, in the City – a 20 minute drive away. A thoughtful friend called me to let me know what was happening, and that my area of town was not affected.

Once I got home I took some pictures, from a very safe distance – from across the river on my side of town:

As seen from Ellacott Landing
All is calm on the Mill Pond, except I spooked the ducks with my presence.

The fire continued through the night and, if I can believe Facebook, started up again the next day. People are very upset and worrying about chemicals in the air. Air quality tests were taken and people were assured they were safe. Now the conspiracy theories abound. Facebook can be very entertaining.

Rock on,

The WB


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