Another Night, Another Rock Show

In this week’s episode of Drunk People Behaving Badly (alternate title: Maybe I AM Getting Too Old for This Shit?), I bring you a little photo essay of The WB and Mizz J’s adventure in the Very Big City attending The Glorious Sons show, at the Phoenix Concert Theatre.

Opening act was grandson. Hard rocking; highly entertaining. On a mission to dispel the rumours that Rock Is Dead.

What’s my name? “Grandson!” What’s my name? “Grandson!!” What’s my name? “Grandson!!!” OK. Now you know my name.

The crowds weren’t bad (in terms of numbers or drunkenness) at this point and grandson was exciting to watch bounce all over the stage. At one point he even made the crowd (well, most of them) get down on their knees, then exhorted them to jump up (and around). Never seen that one before. He also asked us if we were warmed up yet for The Glorious Sons…about 15 times during his set. Mizz J and I really liked him, and appreciated his command of the stage and the audience. He never introduced his hard-rocking bandmates, though. That I can recall, anyways. It was all about grandson, all the time. My only negative critique.

By the time The Glorious Sons was in full swing, the scene looked more like this:

Packed in like little inebriated sardines, they were.

As it got steadily more packed on the floor – and we were continually jostled, pushed and stepped on – we made a decision to high-tail it up to the Loft area, where we stood by one of the many venue bars for a bit. Less jostling and pushing. Same amount of drunks though. Eventually we caught a break and found a couple of empty spaces on a bench. Now we could relax a bit and enjoy an unimpeded view. My highlight: all of us singing along with the band to Everything is Alright.

Better view, far above the maddeningly drunken crowd.

It really was too bad that we didn’t get as much out of this show as we anticipated we would. I’ve been a fan of the Sons in all their Gloriousness since I first heard them on the air, on our local rock station. Only now – 3 years later – is the Big City station┬ádeigning to play their music. This was my 3rd time, and Mizz J’s 4th time, seeing them live.

It’s been kinda neat to follow their evolution as artists.

I wisely booked the day off from work, fully anticipating that I would be dragging my sorry butt around this morning. Was 2:30 am before I was home and settled down enough to consider sleep.

Still not the oldest person in attendance! I always check.

Rock on,

The WB





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    • Yeah, I do love that song. “I’m the closest thing my mother had, to a daughter. I used to be ashamed of that but now I’m kinda flattered.” I have hope for this man.

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