Art Update

I wish I had some of the pieces that I have completed recently to show you (because I’m kinda proud of them), but they are earmarked as gifts so they won’t be appearing on Ye Olde Blogge until they have been delivered to the recipients.

September and October were pretty quiet for me on the artistic endeavours front, because those months were so freaking awesome, weather-wise…but now that we are here in damp, grey November I have returned to my laundry room/studio to do more than laundry!

When I first started back into visual arts again, I had thought I needed to find a local artist to take lessons from. Then I remembered I lived in the Information Age so I hopped onto YouTube. Love you, Interwebs!

Oh my. So many wonderful, giving art teachers to choose from! So much inspiration and instruction out there! So many tips and tricks! Especially for born-again beginners like me! Available at any given moment. Always there for you. And you can pause them whenever you need to!

Here are some of my faves:

Tim Packer Fine Arts

The Art Sherpa

Angela Anderson

Ginger Cook

Kristen Ulrig

And of course, the lovely Julie Gibbons , whose Mandala Magic course I signed up for this time last year.

This year-long course (almost at an end) is a paid-for subscription, and delivered in monthly instalments. I was following it faithfully for the first 3-4 months, then work got crazy and it fell by the wayside…but I have downloaded all the videos etc. (mine to keep FOREVAH…BWAHAHAHA!) so I will get around to the rest of them eventually.

During this course I realized something. Me and art journalling (which Mandala Magic is very much about)…huh, not so much. I prefer to get straight to the canvas. This might change when I retire and have more free time –  but for now, when the muse strikes I want to get right at starting a “piece”.

Which is my plan for this grey November Saturday. What’s yours?

Rock on,

The WB

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  • I hope you’re going to show your art after the holidays. I want to see it!

    I haven’t been arting much lately. I had to clean up my dining room for dining. It’s crazy I don’t have a studio in this big house, but I only have my dining room table.

    • Dat’s da plan. I’m taking photos for the blog. It’s nice to have a dedicated space for arting, even if I have to share it with the recycling, the laundry, the sewing machine, etc.

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