Kapsalon: Late-night takeout and hangover food supreme!

I saw a post this week on Facebook (where I get almost all my news and entertainment, these days) describing some popular Dutch food items. One of them was the glorious kapsalon, that Mizz J and I discovered on our last trip to the Netherlands.

Kapsalon covers all the best necessary food groups with its delightful mix of fries, cheese, garlic sauce, sambal, shawarma meat, and veggies. Hehehehe.

After experiencing this takeout food of the hedonistic gods, we were all fired up to bring this to Canada, the land where La Belle Province introduced the world to the wonder that is poutine.

But since we are not restauranteurs, the learning curve was very steep indeed and we soon lost interest abandoned our mission to bring this delight to the New World.

Until this week! There is a restaurant in the Village that would be perfect (IMHO) to introduce this tinfoil tub of deliciousness to North America. They already sell shawarma AND fries! So I contacted them (via Facebook, natch) this morning.

Let’s see where this thing goes, shall we?

Look, it’s got salad on top! Healthy!

Rock on,

The WB






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  • Imma have to pass on that mess, mostly because hot sauce. I mean, you really did have me up to Indonesian hot sauce. Maybe you need to consider a food truck for your next life.

    • I used to live across the street from the start/finish of a popular walking/biking trail and canoe/kayak entry point on the river. I tried to talk husband #1 (who was unemployed, a lot) into setting up a chip wagon on our property during the fair weather but nope. Sounded too much like work, I guess. He’s still there and I still think it would be a great idea. But not for me, any longer. I love the idea of a food truck but they are hot, cramped spaces. Also, I only lasted 9 days as a waitress back in my student days before my mother begged me to quit. Apparently my personality changed during that time, and not for the better. Yet another reason to tip these people!

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