Mindful Monday – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

What time is it? It is always now. Ordered this “watch” at a time when I really needed to remind myself to stay in the present.

A few weeks back, when I got serious about meditation and incorporating mindfulness into my everyday life, I was searching for some guidance.

I contacted a local-ish instructor of MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) via email but she never got back to me. Not too surprised by this as her website looked like it was state of the art…for 1995. I could have called her, but while I was waiting for her to respond, I did some surfing and instead I found a course I could take online.

I am now on Week 3 of the 8 week Online MBSR/Mindfulness course, hosted by Palouse Mindfulness. This learning is free and available to all (all with internet access, that is). Like yoga used to be – before it became mainstream – when it was hosted in church basements for the few and the curious. (At least, that’s how I was introduced to yoga, back in the 1970’s.)

So far I am impressed with what I am learning – the readings and the videos are from well-known practitioners in the field.  The guided meditations and yoga videos are clear and helpful. I recommend this whole-heartedly if you are interested in learning about and practicing mindfulness. There is also an online community for students taking the course, to discuss what they are experiencing. I didn’t sign up for that, so I can’t comment. But if that interests you, it’s available too.

In between meditation sessions and work, I have been busy creating. I finished the piece I showed in-progress a few posts ago:

Let that Shit Go – the figure was traced from an image I found on the Interwebs. The rest is my own design.
Close up of paint detail

I’ve been thinking a lot about art lately, as I reflect back on 2017. It’s something that has been helpful, enjoyable, and thought-provoking for me this year. More on that in another post.

Rock on,

The WB







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  • I love watches – I have {cough} a few 🙂 and I really like this one. It would have caught my eye too.

    You’re the second person I’ve read in the past 2 days about turning to art. Now I’m starting to feel my annual stirring to take a course in something creative 🙂

      • I’m more of a sit in class with a physical instructor kind of person than trying a course online, but I have yet to find something that appeals to me. Perhaps I’m being much to picky and need to JUST DO IT.

        • Whatever works. I’m the opposite. If it’s learning I can do from the comfort of my home, I am a happy little camper!

  • Ooooh, I just tried commenting from outside the blog twice. And it worked, twice!!! Was a little slow, but no white screen of death – instead a “submitting comment” notification appeared after a few moments. Hoorah!!!

  • The art is so, so gorgeous!

    And? If this MBSR course is free, hell, I may need to take it up!

    • Thank you very much Kim! This means a lot to me as a “beginner-again”
      artist. Yep, the course is free and I. Love. It.

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