Meanwhile, here in Chez Dorm…

The appliances are doing the cooking while JD and I hit the books:

Turkey sausage and escarole soup, chili, and brown rice cookin’ away! “Scuz my blurry photo please…

As you can see from the calendar, my daily step count is way down and there are GAPS, as in more than 1 gap in the calendar. It’s looking pretty sad as I try to fit MBA studies into my life, at the expense of movement. I don’t know how the gaps are happening. I could swear it’s only been a couple of days since I last logged my steps, then I go to my calendar and WHOOPS! It’s been way over a week. My step counter only keeps data for 7 days, hence GAPS are appearing.

Yet hope springs eternal here at Chez Dorm. Behold:

Manly-man push-up plan, courtesy of Oxygen Magazine
Manly-man push-up plan, courtesy of Oxygen Magazine

Remember way back when, when I made this a goal?

Well, I’m still going to do it – only this time with a highly detailed plan:

Six weeks is all it takes. I can do it!
Six weeks is all it takes. I can do it!

Still trying to take time to soak in the beauty of our planet, especially with regard to sunrises and sunsets:

Sunset at JD's golf course
Sunset at JD’s golf course

I sure am learning a lot about time management these days, and that I have to get a lot better at it. Lest I become a 200 lb bag of flab. Stay tuned!

p.s. I’ve made a few posts for the Financial Post executive blog now. Please scroll down and check them out when you have the time and inclination!

p.p.s. Happy birthday shout-out to my little sister Joyce!!!!! Have a good one dear sis! You are in my thoughts and prayers today, as always…


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  • Thanks for making me hungry! Sounds yummy….
    Look forward to your exploits in time management & fitness, my friend!
    And good luck to you in everything!

  • Thank you Kim!!! I’ll take all the luck and good wishes coming my way – I need them…LOL!

  • Hey Deb…glad you are able to enjoy the sunrises & sunsets in life! It’s busy all the way around, isn’t it? And don’t you just LOVE crock pots? I have mine on right now with such a lovely roast in it…..can’t wait for supper. I should try to send you the recipe…’s one that our little homemaker Jen has made in the past, and what a flavour! All the best in your studies…as for the excersise, yeah….I hear you on that one too….there is a season for everything, you have to focus on what you’re doing!

    See you around some time…..Is not this Indian Summer glorious?? Wow!

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