Ho hum…oh yeah, I completed the Whole 30…26 days ago!

You know, when I started the Whole 30 I dreamed and hoped for the day I could put this badge on the blog. Yep, first thing I was gonna do after I got up on Day 31 was post this sucker! And then I was going to make me some Perfectly Paleo Pancakes, and smother them in maple syrup and blueberries (‘cos JD and I decided to give up fruit for our W30 as well).

Well, a funny thing happened along the journey. The W30 became a W60 (Day 57 today!). And may very well become a W90, W120 and so on. Very unexpectedly anticlimactic.

Because, when you feel this good when you eat this way now…why would you want to go back to the way you felt and the way you ate before?

In addition to eating only whole foods, I also decided I might as well give up coffee and chewing gum. I’ve been a little concerned about the coffee monkey hanging off my back for while now, and this seemed like the right time. I just hate having to NEED something to jump start me in the morning – never a good sign!

No more coffee means no more coffee aftertaste and breath, and thus no more need to be chewing gum and ingesting all that artificial sweetener and other foreign chemicals. So it just seemed like the right time to DO IT ALL, and at once.

Fruit is back in the plan again. But that is IT.

At 22 lbs down since last February 20th (10 of those pounds from the W30), I figure I’m at about the 1/2 way point in my journey to a healthy weight. For the first time in a long time (ever?), I am heading into a new year without having to resolve to live a healthier life – I’m already here now, on this journey!

It amazes me that I have been able to lose this weight despite being the most sedentary I have ever been. As a grad student who works full-time, I’m lucky to get out for an hour long walk once per week.

My pedometer tells the tale of inactivity far better than I ever could. Some days, when a big assignment was due and I was chained to my computer, I was lucky to break 1,000 steps before falling, mentally exhausted, into bed at night. If anything, I should have GAINED 22 lbs this year.

I eat to satiation. I eat when hungry. I don’t count calories or fat grams or fiber or points or measure portions. My energy levels are high and constant. No more mid-afternoon fadeout. I sleep great, and can get by just fine on less if I have to (see big assignment, above!). I can go for hours between meals with nary a dip in blood sugar levels and the accompanying light-headedness or discomfort.

I never thought I had any digestive difficulties or food intolerances, but now – when I notice how quiet and peaceful everything feels inside – I can’t believe the difference. It’s like my body is finally running on the right fuel, instead of trying to make the best of whatever I was giving it before. No more bloating. No more acid reflux. I have transitioned from being a sugar-burner to being a fat-burner.

I am going to book a physical in the New Year. I’m very interested in learning what my blood work looks like now, with this diet high in saturated fats and low in simple carbohydrates.

I highly suspect everything will look just great, as it has for so many others who eat this way.



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