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Right now my living room smells like an IKEA warehouse.

Smells like IKEA spirit
Smells like IKEA spirit

Which is not a bad thing at all. It means I am that much closer to having my kitchen/bath renovation actually start. I will be posting many pictures (including   “Befores”) as things start happening around here.

My renovation started out as a vision, but like with all visions I had to come down to reality as I started investigating pricing. For example, my vision included high-gloss eggplant (dark purple) lower cabinets. Funnily enough, no one has eggplant kitchen cabinet doors as a stock item. I know – I was shocked too.

So, my revised vision is for black lower cabinets for the first 5-10 years, then to splash out on my custom eggplant doors when I win the lottery, per my life’s plan.

Happily enough the only true black cabinet doors at IKEA were also one of the cheapest most reasonable choices. And they will look just fine with my stainless steel countertops (gosh, I hope I can retain this part of the vision) and high gloss white upper cabinets.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of visits from my contractor. Morning, noon and night I had to be present as he brought various tradespeople through to look at the project in order to estimate their part in it. Exciting stuff!

Lighting is one part of the vision that has eluded me so far. But Jamie the electrician was most helpful in this regard. “You’re gonna want pot lights here, here and here in the kitchen. And pendants over the breakfast bar,” he said, while marking up the diagram in his hands. “Is your tub gonna be a soaker and separate from the shower?” I nodded. “Then you’re gonna want a chandelier above the tub,” he said. I was struck dumb for a moment. Then I fervently agreed. Yes. OH YES. I DO want a chandelier above my soaker tub. Jamie my man, I like your style I thought to myself.

Now if only the budget can sustain this new addition to the vision. Next week the numbers start rolling in, for real. I will keep you posted.

What are your thoughts about IKEA in general or their kitchens in particular? I think it’s a great store, so long as you are not interested in heirlooms to pass down through the generations. IKEA seems to divide the masses, but so far I am a fan.

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  • IKEA seems to invite derision among some, but I do like their store quite a bit. We have a store locally, and we visit occasionally. I’m usually looking to get rid of things, rather than add to our stuff, but when we are looking for an occasional table, or something that IKEA carries, that is one of our first stops.

    I love the idea of your lowers and uppers being different colors. Is that a thing now? Sounds really pretty.

  • Some people are doing this mix ‘n match with their kitchens. I really like this look. I’m not having many uppers put in. I want the kitchen to be brighter, more open and airy looking. It’s going to have a European flavour to it for sure as I’m inspired by the efficient yet attractive kitchens of my relatives overseas.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Susan!

    • I’m with you Amaryllis. Lovely flower and lovely name! Thanks for reading.

  • Very reasonable! The value in IKEA’s cabinets is in the hardware, I’ve been informed. It’s superior stuff. Thanks for reading Susie.

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