A is for…


…several things actually…Adventure, Attitude and being Alone.

Last year on April 1 I wrote about Adventure and this year the Adventure continues! Since last April I have gone through a few things including the palliative care and death of my mother…and a TIA. I have taken up recreational kayaking and I just purchased a second, two-seater kayak. I guess that means I now have a “fleet” of the durn things, hehehe.  I visited Barbados for the first time (and hopefully not the last!). And  I FINALLY completed my MBA studies. I recently started a new challenge – to hike the 885 Km Bruce Trail, section by section, in its entirety. Wonder what I will be writing about at this time next year?

Every year has 365 days, and those days pass whether we like it or not. Some people don’t like looking back but I find it very useful and gratifying…especially when I see that things I talked and dreamed about, like the Bruce Trail quest, are actually coming to pass.

Life is full of changes and surprises, not all welcomed. However the one thing – the only thing – we have complete control over is our attitude about life. And to be present for what life throws at us. Taking my mother into my home for the last 3 months of her life, to care for her and to give her the death at home she wanted, was not easy but I couldn’t imagine not doing it. It was an incredible experience to be present for.  I was blessed to become reacquainted with my aunt and my 2 sisters as when they came to live with me and help out during this time. The special quiet times with my mother as her life wound down were also a gift and joy to all of us.

So now, everyone is back to their real lives, my mother is gone, and I am alone once again. At first my home seemed so much larger and emptier than it has ever been. Now I treasure my solitude once again. I understand that a lot of people can’t bear to be alone. That has never been my experience. I am often lonelier in a group than I have ever been by myself.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts about adventure, attitude or being alone. I look forward to reading them!

Rock on,

The WB


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  • Totally in awe. I’m not sure I would survive alone. And I think taking care of parents you come the full circle. Just like your parents took care of you. Inspired by your adventurous spirit.. 🙂

    Seena from
    Thinking Aloud

  • You sound like a wonderful daughter. I have recently given up full-time work on a newspaper to become a freelance writer It’s wonderful – and quite an adventure! I like being alone as long as it’s not for long. I come from a huge family so it doesn’t happy often!

    • Thank you! And good luck on your new adventure!

  • Ah, Deb….what do they say – 10% happenstance, and 90% attitude? Yep, we all have that choice. Love your feisty attitude, you’ll be just fine!

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