50 Years of Friendship Trip

Tickets to Paradise
I’ve got 2 tickets to Paradise…

Dear Bloggie,

I picked up the tickets tonight for the winter get-away Mizz CJ and I have planned, in Barbados. Wheee!

This is a special trip to commemorate our being friends for 50 years. We met in Grade 2, you see.

My daughter Mizz J and I had such a lovely time there in January of this year that I resolved to try my best to make an annual getaway to somewhere warm – if not Barbados, then somewhere that didn’t need a coat, boots and mittens – every winter from now on.

When Mizz CJ heard about our trip she thought it would be perfect to celebrate our milestone there, in 2017. Of course I agreed!

We have a week booked at a small family-run hotel on the beach in Hastings.

Looking forward to those early morning ocean dips and laying under a palm tree devouring a good novel while ocean breezes play with my hair.

I have the Bridgetown weather (along with Amsterdam’s and that of my area) displayed every time I go to the Weather Network webpage. It is 30°C there. Every. Damn. Day.

Last week, on one day it read 28°C. I almost fell off of my chair when I saw it. I wonder if the Bajans grab for their sweaters when the temperature dips down like that.

I probably would, once I got acclimatized.

Rock on,

The WB





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  • They do put on sweaters when it dips down from the beautiful normal weather they have. I remember our trip there with my father in law and family and we were all in shorts and t-shirts and bathing suits feeling very warm and wanting to swim and the Bajans were bundled up feeling cool!
    Glad you are going away with CJ and to such a beautiful place!

    • Thank you sis! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all go down there together (or anyplace else warm) as a family someday ourselves? Hmmm…what are you doing in 2018?

        • I would love to plan a trip with you! Start thinking about where you would like to go. 🙂

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