2017 Blogging A-Z Challenge and Book Club Update

2017 Participant Badge

This will be my 3rd year performing this blogging challenge. The premise is much like NaBloPoMo, but with a twist. The challenge is to work through the 26 letters of the alphabet while keeping up with the (almost) daily posting in April. Here’s the calendar of letter dates for April:

Alphabet Daze Days for 2017

During A2Z, bloggers get all Sundays off, except for this year. The 30th falls on a Sunday so there’s no getting out of that Zed (Zee for my US blogger friends) post on that Sunday.

I’m going to try something a little different this year. Instead of my usual winging it and creating a post out of whatever is burbling up in my brain for that particular letter and date combo, I am going to organize my posts around a theme. It’s something that many participants in this challenge do very well so I am excited to try my hand at this too.

I’ll be revealing my theme on ye olde blogge on March 20th, like all of the other challenge participants going this route.

Book Club Update

I’m so excited I’ve had a couple of people interested in my online book club idea!!!! Now shit becomes real, as they say. I’ve been thinking about the best way to go about this and Goodreads seems to offer the cheapest (FREE!) and easiest platform to host this. So let’s start there. I will create a group sometime over the next few days and away we will go.

If you are interested, please do let me know in the comments some ideas for a name for our group and also for at least a first book for us to read, if not multiple suggestions!

If I don’t get any suggestions soon, I hope people are OK if I just make up a name as it’s the first part of the group creation process. I’m not sure if it can be changed later.

There’s also a Description and Rules section to be filled out. I hope this can be changed as the group develops and we become clearer on what kind of group we want to be.

I’d like to make the group private, meaning only the moderator(s) can invite others to join.

Once the group is created, multiple discussion threads can be started and things will hopefully sort themselves out better based on input from members.

I’m WidowBadass (natch) on Goodreads, by the way, in case you are looking for me!

Rock on,

The WB



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  • Ok, I signed up for goodreads and downloaded the mobile app as well incase I need that. From what I saw I think you can enter through Facebook too but not sure.

    Mine is under the name “Journey” for when you are a moderator and can grant access to the book group. Not sure how I’ll find said book group but sure it will all be one clear later when things get rolling.

    My brain can’t think of any names but I know you are very creative and will come up with the perfect name for our group of rock star readers to be! 🙂

    Also no suggestions for books because I’ve been out of reading for so long I’m not even sure what is out there anymore 🙃

  • “Rock Star Readers” – I love it! Thanks sister!!! Will keep you posted!

  • I’m on the fence about a book club. I have so many books I want to read already, and so little time to read them. It is a good idea though.

    • If the time is ever right for you, you will be welcome!

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