2017 A-Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal

This year I am doing things a little differently here on Ye Olde Blogge for the month of April.

As in the previous Aprils, I am participating in this yearly challenge (26 posts in 30 days) again.

However this time I have a theme in mind!

For my first attempt at carrying out a theme for my A-Z, I will be doing the… A-Z of Preparing for a Badass Retirement!

Instead of thinking of this time as the onset of the “sunset years”, how about calling approaching retirement the “sunrise of a new life”? Ooooh, I like that!

It’s something I have been obsessing over thinking about ever since I realized last May that I will be 65 in 2024 (duh!!), meaning I have only about 7.5 years of work left, if I “go the distance” to a traditional retirement age.

I consider blogging therapeutic – let’s hear it from fellow bloggers; I’m not alone in this, right? – so it only makes sense to get this urge to examine and plan for retirement unpacked right here in my digital psychiatrist’s couch living room.

I’ll be writing from the perspective of a single (now and going forward), healthy (soย far), able-bodied (so far) woman who has lived a mostly simple and modest life. Because of this, and being paid to work for almost the entirety of my adult life to date, I have been able to set aside money to supplement the Canada Pension Plan assistance for my “golden years”. Which affords me the luxury of choice – the choice to even retire at all, retire early, move, travel, volunteer, take up new hobbies….the list goes on and on.

It’s needing wanting to process and work through this blessing of choices that is inspiring my theme for this post.

If what I explore in this series can help other people wondering about or struggling with or even fearing the onset the retirement, then opening up about my own musings for this challenge will be so worthwhile doing!

I hope you will join me in April as I process my way through both the alphabet and my eventual retirement from full-time working life.

Rock on,

The WB

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    • Thanks Sorchia, for commenting. I’d be interested in hearing about your perspective on approaching retirement.

  • Looking forward to reading about your retirement planning. I think I’m going to be learning about all the things I’ve done wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I DO really love your description as the sunrise of a new life. It IS very much a new life ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Joanne! I think retirement planning is intensely personal. What’s right for me may not be right for anyone else. Glad to have you joining me on my journey.

  • I love your blog name, I love your about page, and I am digging your approach to this challenge. This is awesome. Though I am a long way from retirement, I’m definitely interested in hearing more about planning for one.
    I’m doing gratitude as my theme: http://wp.me/p14eyw-1Dc

    • Thank you Akilah! I look forward to seeing your posts too. I try to practice gratitude every day.

  • My father is retiring next year and I have been nagging him for ages to have a plan. Since he is far from making any plans, I guess it is upto me. Hoping to get some insights from your series. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Aditi, for your comment. I understand you wanting to make a plan for your dad but aren’t you worried it will backfire on you? As in, whatever happens is now your fault. I’d love to comment on your blog but unfortunately it won’t let me as I don’t have the accounts that you allow.

    • Thanks Candace! I look forward to checking out your blog.

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