V is for Vacation – Preparing for a Badass Retirement #AtoZChallenge


V is for Vacay!

I had this funny idea when I first started exploring my thinking about retirement. That once you were retired, vacations were…well…redundant. I mean…every day was now gonna be a Vacation (from work) Day, right?*

Not surprising since I am still fully in harness, so to speak. I use my allotted “Sick Days” when ill and “Vacation Days” for other days I need away from work – whether actually going anywhere or not.

Many has been the Vacation Day taken for finishing an assignment for school, helping out my mom and stepdad, or responding to a renovation or other crisis at doing some other mid-week chores for Chez Badass! In my defence, it is no small wonder that I think this way about vacation. Turns out I have been doing it wrong for most of my working life.

Sorry, Batman

Merriam-Webster defines vacation as “a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation”. It says nothing about having to be employed in order to be able to use the word. Or finishing papers for your Masters degree. Ahem.

Seems to me that most of my life I have been using a good part of my allotted Vacation Days in the pursuit of things that are definitely NOT “vacation”. No “travel” and definitely no “recreation” occurred on these days. But I digress…

I don’t know if I can express to you how looking up this definition has expanded my mind not only about vacation but also about retirement. But I’m gonna try.

Instead of thinking of retirement as merely “not working”, this has caused me to see retirement in a new light…that it is an occupation in its own right, however you choose to define it or spend your time.

Therefore, why wouldn’t you still call a trip away “a vacation” from your retired life?!

Mind. Blown.

Rock on,

The WB

*Please tell me I am not alone in this misguided thinking.






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  • You’ve got it right. I’ve been retired from full-time work for almost three years now, though I’ve taken some part-time work recently. Days fall into a routine–a satisfying one if I keep on top of it, a stultifying one if I don’t. I’ve just returned refreshed from a three-week vacation/drive-about to visit family and friends all over the West, and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my writing and other projects with renewed vigor. Everybody needs a change of pace from time to time.

    • I agree Rhonda. Coming to this realization late but with enthusiasm!!!! Thanks for commenting!

  • I used to take a real vacation at least once a year traveling for recreation when I used to work. Now, I am staying at home but a vacation also means no cooking and only enjoyment.

    • You are doing it right! Thanks for the comment, Ramya!

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