Lordey, I Love Me a Presale

This morning I woke up to this:

Pretty, no? If only it disappeared by Jan 2…

It was a dark and stormy night…Last night was rainy and blowy as a cold front came roaring in. Mizz J and I looked at each other in alarm a couple of times during the evening as the wind sounded like a convoy of heavy transport trucks driving around the building. At some point the rain turned to snow – snow that stayed on the ground this time.

But enough about that. What I am really excited about is how the concert “season” is already shaping up for 2018!

I have 3 big shows lined up already – 2 thanks to being able to use presale codes.

Last time Foo Fighters were in town, Mizz J and I weren’t able to locate tickets (at non vital-organ-selling prices) and I deeply regretted missing this show and seeing Dave in all his Dave-of-Thrones, broken-legged glory. But this time – THIS TIME – there was a presale that I could take advantage of (thank you Capitol One!!!) so those are IN THE BAG for next July.

And yesterday I was able to use another presale code (thank you LiveNation!) to grab a pair of tickets to see Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age in London in May. These two bands were in Toronto fairly recently – just after I came back from Kelowna in September – and I was triggered to pick up a ticket every time I heard the show being advertised on the radio. Which was a lot.

Well, due to an attack of sudden-onset miserliness I ultimately decided to take a pass on this one. So they came and went without me in the audience. And I had regretted it ever since. Until yesterday!

The 3rd show I’m committed to is actually not a concert per se, but a weekend-long music festival. I am going to return to Riverfest Elora, August 17-19. And I have sold Mrs. & Mrs. Me Too on the idea so they are going to come down and stay with me and WHAT A TIME WILL BE HAD BY ALL, let me tell you!

Thinking on these 3 events and dreaming of what other 2018 shows may pop up on my musical horizon to tempt me is going to be a bright spot during the long, dark, cold days ahead.

Rock on,

The WB






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  • How awesome! I still have to blog a recap of my recent Foo show. They are coming to a different nearby-ish city next year, but the tickets are too expensive, so I have to forgo that show unless my situation improves between now and May. And it totally could!

    It’s been a great concert year for me, which is great. I needed the energy of a (multiple) rock show(s) to combat all the bad and sad that happened. Now I’m going to head over and check out who’s going to be at Riverfest Elora so I can be jealous!

    • Thanks Kim! I agree that rock shows serve that purpose (positive energy to combat the negative). For me, live shows are not an indulgence so much as a requirement. I don’t spend a lot on going out otherwise, so I don’t mind splashing out for great seats at a show. So far Riverfest has only announced Blue Rodeo on their list but this past summer’s lineup was so great, I am certain next year will be as well. Glad you had a great year for shows – mine could have been better so I’m gonna fix that in 2018!

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