This is Getting Old

The new email subscription widget I oh-so hopefully installed yesterday doesn’t work so I’ve removed it.

I tried subscribing with various emails (personal, work,…got an error message with each one when I clicked on the link to confirm my subscription. Shit.

Spent about an hour trying to figure out the problem with no success and finally decided it is not to be, for whatever reason. At least not for today. So the offending widget has been plucked, once again!

My old subscription widget (Feedburner) is still sending out emails with blog posts despite being inactivated AND deleted, so please unsubscribe (click link in email) if you receive one.

I sure hope Jetpack isn’t lying when they say people will be offered to subscribe to the blog through the comments. If someone could try it out and let me know if it actually works, that would be great.

This is all I have for today – I have to move on to other necessities of life, like grocery shopping and trying to catch up on the work backlog. See you on the blog tomorrow!

Rock on,

The WB

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  • ok – so as suggested I have unsubscribed from the email notifications I was getting.

    … and I’ve checked the little box after the comment section so hopefully I’ll get new posts. Stay tuned 🙂

    • Fingers crossed this is gonna work! Thanks Joanne.

    • Hopefully this works, and hopefully you can comment again without losing your words! Thanks Reticula.

  • Did you not like Feedburner? I ask because I have it linked to my RSS and am not sure how to remove it from WordPress. But I don’t have the “subscribe via email” option enabled. I’ve actually never subscribed via email, though all the blog how-tos say it should be utilized.

    I currently have a widget that refuses to work for me despite uninstalling and re-installing, and I love it so I really want it to work (CommentLuv). It works for one specific commenter…sometimes. I haven’t deactivated it again yet, but I’m close!

    • I did like the Feedburner Kim, but I was given reason to suspect it was causing subscribers to not be able to comment. If they clicked on the link in the email to get to the blog post and tried to comment, their comments would just disappear. Which is crazy frustrating when you have spent some time to comment only to have it go poof! So I got rid of it and I haven’t found another subscription widget for the sidebar that works…yet.

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