Beach Blogging

Sign on the Beach. Appropriate for this post!
First night. Checked in, unpacked and made it down to Charlie’s Beach Bar in time to catch the tail end of happy hour.
First morning, capturing the rising sun through the palms.
Gorgeous flowers. Bougainvillea.
Thought this was the quintessential tropical photo. Kept waiting for this guy to move out of the frame. Then realized this local fisherman was actually posing for me. Nice!
What can I say? Dedicated AF to meeting my blogging goal for this year. P.S. my friend thinks I’m nuts but she did take my picture, which is what a true friend would do.

Rock on,

The WB

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  • There are lots of trees here too – their limbs almost on the ground from the weight of snow. I shovelled the decks three times yesterday and woke with a stiff neck and sore shoulder from trying to lift the snow above my 5’1″ body so I can get it over the snowbanks I’ve built up. The dogs are in their beds in the library glaring at me accusingly – bored beyond bored, but the snow is so deep they can’t move much when they’re out there. Oh and I have water too – a pond and streams, all frozen solid.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy the sun and sand vicariously, Deb. I’m actually teasing about all of the above – I don’t mind winter all that much. I just hoped my contrasting images would make you feel even happier to be on vacation (if that’s possible). Don’t feel any pressure to reply to this comment. It’s enough that you post while on vacation. Dedicated!

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